Control over Your Cloud Spend

TechNative helps you to get and hold control over your cloud spend. We believe that organizations need to have the best possible data to make better decisions.

We help you to get insights about your cloud set-up, usage and spend. Based on these insights we deliver dashboards with the right and needed steering information for all layers of your organization (IT, business and finance).

We optimize your cloud, and your cloud spend by using state-of-the art software and solutions.

We are certified FinOps experts and our company is also the official BeNeLux FinOps trainings partner.

Cloud Scan

Cloud Scan

It is not without reason that you have chosen to roll out your cloud strategy. Cloud is probably an important accelerator of your IT landscape.

Over time you have moved more and more applications towards the cloud, the demand of the business is changing, and the use of the cloud also increased. Not even to mention the many new technical developments that influence the use, but also the architecture of your cloud.

In the meantime, the pricing model of the cloud provider has also started to develop further; the pricing is almost more complex than the cloud itself. This is where TechNative steps in. With our state-of-the-art software and tooling we help you to determine where you stand, to provide insight and overview.

In a period of a few days, together with your team, we examine the cloud environment and report an overview of the current state of affairs and, if possible, come up with a clear plan of action for optimizing your cloud, both technically and financially.

Cloud Optimisation

The world is on the move and therefore developments in IT follow each other in rapid succession. All of these things affects the use of the public cloud. New services have to be provided and new methodologies and techniques are introduced. And in the meantime, your cloud environment must be up and running 24 * 7 and ready to handle all new features etc.

Our experience is that it is crucial to continuously strive for an even better cloud environment, even when other matters require priority. Because before you know it, things get off the rails and you lose control.

TechNative helps to optimize your cloud: better performance, clear architecture and efficient use of cost control tooling.

Cloud Control

Cloud is a crucial part of the IT landscape, and therefore also a major cost item. In addition, the cloud is technically complex and unfortunately the pricing models are too.

In practice, we see that Cloud also receives full attention in the field of control, both technically and financially. We believe that cloud control goes further than monitoring.

TechNative ensures that you get the right insights from your cloud. We generate the correct technical data and ensure that this data becomes the correct management information for all departments (IT, Business and Finance) within your organization.

To give an example: by “tagging” the use of the cloud to services and / or services, it is much easier to also allocate those costs to the correct cost center. It requires unified collaboration between IT, Business and Finance.

TechNative helps you getting in control of this process and can support it with the FinOps (www.finops.org) methodology and the right tooling.

Training & Coaching

TechNative is the first fully BeNeLux certified training & business partner of the FinOps foundation. We are specialist in the field of Cloud Optimization, TechNative is happy to share its knowledge and experience.

FinOps is an upcoming methodology in Europe. Through our experiences we can help our customers to implement a solid strategy on cost optimization. Therefore we also actively share our knowledge on Meetups and on public events.

As certified training partner of FinOps we help your teams with a thorough training of the FinOps curriculum. In addition, we help to apply theory to practice. We pay attention to soft skills and organizational sensitivity.