Control over Your Cloud Spend

TechNative helps you to get and hold control over your cloud spend. We believe that organizations need to have the best possible data to make better decisions.

We help you to get insights about your cloud set-up, usage and spend. Based on these insights we deliver dashboards with the right and needed steering information for all layers of your organization (IT, business and finance).

We optimize your cloud, and your cloud spend by using state-of-the art software and solutions.

We are certified FinOps experts and our company is also the official BeNeLux FinOps trainings partner.

Cloud Scan

Cloud Scan

It is not without reason that you have chosen to roll out your cloud strategy. Cloud is probably an important accelerator of your IT landscape.

Over time you have moved more and more applications towards the cloud, the demand of the business is changing, and the use of the cloud also increased. Not even to mention the many new technical developments that influence the use, but also the architecture of your cloud.

In the meantime, the pricing model of the cloud provider has also started to develop further; the pricing is almost more complex than the cloud itself. This is where TechNative steps in. With our state-of-the-art software and tooling we help you to determine where you stand, to provide insight and overview.

In a period of a few days, together with your team, we examine the cloud environment and report an overview of the current state of affairs and, if possible, come up with a clear plan of action for optimizing your cloud, both technically and financially.

Cloud control & managed services

We are experts in managing (cloud) infrastructure. Including operating systems, capacity and billing, as well as security, compliance and personal data protection.

At TechNative we’ve been in your shoes. In fact – we spend many, many years in them. Our coworkers spend their entire careers managing high traffic, high availability platforms. Now we’re using this knowledge to get the most out of your AWS platform. We also get you up-to-speed with all the tooling in our toolbox.

Did you know that we provide all our customers with a free Quarterly Cost Control Audit? Crisp recommendations for potential savings and free usage of the CloudCheckr license. Just a couple of the benefits of working with us. Let us help you unleashing the power of AWS!

Cloud financial management

FinOps/ CFM Maturity Scan

The FinOps / CFM Maturity Scan service analyzes your current cloud usage and cost. The service is set up to identify room for improvement in your cloud environment, to optimize your spend and reduce costs.

CFM / FinOps Implementation

Together with your team we create a (virtual) cross-functional team that consists of a FinOps Consultant from the TechNative side and the FinOps Champions (domain experts) on customer’s side. Based on the Maturity Assessment and driven by TechNative we will create (with input of the customers FinOps Champions/domain experts an implementation plan and start execution.

Managed service

Our delivered managed service provides you with continuous monitoring of your cloud and subscription usage. It helps you constantly work towards the latest optimization trends and shows recommendations for lowering costs.